Later, I asked when she would come back when I was chatting on the Internet. When I learned the time of her return, I hurried back to my house early. I had a good meeting with my brothers for several times. After all, they were gone for a long time. On the day of her return, my brothers and I used to sing all night and planned to pick her up in the second half of the morning, but they didn't dare to pick her up directly. She told me that she and her friends had been together for a long time Come on. I can only make up a lie and say, "when you arrive at that time, I just came back from other places and was also at the railway station. I will pick you up at that time." After singing that night, it was nine o'clock in the evening. My brothers went back, and I went to the hotel opposite the railway station to apply for a room card. I slept until three thirty in the morning. I waited at the exit. She told me that the train was late. I waited until I saw waves of people coming out. I found her in the crowd. I picked up my luggage and drove to my apartment. I still said, "I just arrived." In the car, she reported to her family that she was with me. At that time, I was a little shocked. Did she mention me to him? I asked myself. If you put her in place, you can rest assured. I don't need you to be strong. There's a man out there I don't need you to be beautiful. I just want you to be the one I love I don't need you to do housework I don't need firewood, rice, oil, salt. You can do everything. I'll say, "my daughter-in-law is fine. How about me?" I don't need you to make what I like, because I will make your delicious food I don't need you to be too tired. There are men inside and outside. You have a rest I don't need you to be so virtuous. Just take good care of yourself